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About the Company

«INFAMED» Ltd is a Russian company which specializes in manufacturing and wholesale distribution of a unique antiseptic drug Miramistin® of a wide scope of action belonging to a group of surface-active substances. 

The decision to launch Miramistin as an independent production line was taken in 1995 and was immediately supported by the establishment of a company "INFAMED", which specialized solely in its manufacturing and distribution. Nowadays, the company has exclusive rights for manufacturing of the drug.  These days "INFAMED" completes the whole cycle: from the synthesis of the substance to dosage and packaging of a ready-made drug. The product is delivered together with official certificates, protocols of analysis and the passport of the producer.

Manufacturing of the drug

Miramistin is currently manufactured on company's rented premises in Vidnoje (Moscow region). Its production is certified according to the Russian standards of good manufacturing practices (GMP). The plant is equipped with the latest hi-tech machinery ensuring the top quality of the product.
Manufacturing is primarily focused on pharmaceutical substance Miramistin and its derivatives.
Development of Manufacturing Infrastructure through Investments
Another plant is going to be opened in Kaliningrad region with the view of modernizing and diversifying manufacturing of the drug. This is done in full accordance with the regulations imposed by the international GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards. In the 3rd quarter of 2009 this plant will launch a new branch of production: manufacturing of pharmaceutical packaging. The launch of the full-scale plant manufacturing of Miramistin and its derivatives is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2010.

Distribution and Geographical Presence


«INFAMED» Ltd operates in close co-operation with the major companies-distributors present on the pharmaceutical market.  This makes it possible to send Miramistin to all the major drugstores and hospitals all over Russia including the ones located in the most remote districts of the country. Drug's sales are characterized by a steady annual growth of 25-30%.

Countries of distribution: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. The drug is currently being licensed in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Successful negotiations have been conducted about its licensing in India and China.

Scientific and Research Activities

The company has been continuously conducting pre-clinical and clinical trials aimed at diversification of the basic pharmaceutical substance Miramistin into various drugs and the expansion of its scope of usage in a number of new branches of medical care (phthisiology, ophthalmology, proctology and others).
There have already been a number of long-term promising studies aimed at incorporating the drug into phthisiology practices with the view of providing treatment for the patients with antibiotic-resistant variation of tuberculosis.
In close co-operation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Voronezh Agricultural University Miramistin has been widely tested as an effective medicine for infectious diseases characteristic of cattle, pigs, poultry and bees. These experiments resulted in a number of patents and together with the investigation of possible applications in veterinary medicine which will undoubtedly bring ample economic returns.
A number of specialized medical conferences on usage of Miramistin are regularly held in Moscow's leading Medical Centers and Institutions such as Research Surgical Institute named after A.V. Vishnevsky, RAMN, TSVI, NTSSSH named after A.N. Bakulev and others.  
One of the most promising research programs is investigation of the effect Miramistin has on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). A number of institutions have already confirmed its anti-HIV action not only in Russia but also in Ukraine. Among the most prominent of such institutions is Swedish Institute of Infectious Diseases Control, Chinese Institute of Microbiology and Epidemic Diseases of the Military Medicine Academy, Virus Laboratory at Microbiological Scientific Centre of the Chinese Army. A series of experiments conducted both in Russia and in China has proven efficiency of Miramistin when used as a treatment for atypical pneumonia virus (SARS). Clinical trials confirming Miramistin's effectiveness in treatment of measles, mumps, breakbone fever, avian flu, has been successfully completed in GNTS VB "VECTOR" (Novosibirsk)
The company is continuing its diverse studies of the drug and is constantly looking for new ways of using it. In order to break into a global pharmaceutical market there has been launched a number of trials, negotiations and licensing procedures in the Russian Ministry of Health Care aimed at obtaining medical certification of  the new variations of Miramistin,  such as eye-drops, antiseptic glue, medicine used to disinfect surgeon's hands and donors' bends of the elbows  and other surfaces.

Social Responsibility

«INFAMED» Ltd is a socially responsible company that has a widespread practice of giving drugs away to different hospitals and clinics as well as people who became victims of terrorist attacks and accidents.  

In February 1999 Miramistin was transferred free of charge to hospitals for effective treatment of those who were injured in the Police Precinct's fire in Samara. In August 2000 and November 2002 the company provided help to the victims of the bombing in Pushkin's Square and the seizure of the theatre in Dubrovka. In September 2004 the company took an active part in helping people of Beslan. Besides, the company is regularly helping children suffering from cancer.


The following awards indicate company's considerable merits in designing, manufacturing and putting Miramistin in medical practice:

  • Gold Medal of the fair "Siberian Fair Medsib - 99";
  • Diploma of the exhibition " Ural's Medical Care - 2000"
  • "Platinum Ounce - 2005".